Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the KECC so long?

We realize the KECC can be a little daunting. We worked hard to make it as concise as possible, but every line of the KECC exists for a reason and we believe every line is necessary. Rather than being theoretical, many of the items in the KECC address specific patterns of harm that we've observed or experienced.

You don’t pay me enough to follow all these rules!

We believe that professionalism is a mindset, not an income level. As professional educators, we are committed to a high standard of ethical conduct regardless of how much we get paid. As professional producers, we choose to hire educators who share our commitment to professionalism.

Doesn’t the KECC infantilize students?

We do not believe that adhering to professional ethics infantilizes anyone, denies anyone agency, or prevents anyone from having fun.

Who are you to tell other people what to do?

We are adopting the KECC for ourselves and our organizations. While we hope others will find it useful, we are not telling other organizations or educators what to do. As producers, it is our job to decide who we choose to work with and who we choose not to work with. By adopting the KECC, we are setting clear and transparent expectations of our educators.

Why isn’t the KECC Collective more diverse?

We agree that the KECC Collective does not represent the kink community as well as it should. We solicited input on the KECC from a wide range of individuals and organizations, but we understand that soliciting input is not equivalent to inclusion in the core group. We are committed to doing better and are actively seeking out people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to join the collective and work on version two of the KECC.

Who enforces the KECC?

No individual or organization is responsible for monitoring who has adopted the KECC or whether those who have adopted it are abiding by it. It is up to each individual, organization, and the community at large to hold us accountable to the values and behaviors we support.

Adopting the KECC doesn’t mean you’re a perfect person who never makes mistakes. It means you commit to trying hard to follow it and to being accountable when you fall short.

Why isn’t {great idea} in the KECC?

Version one of the KECC is inevitably an imperfect and incomplete document that will need updates as practices and terminology change and we learn from experience. We will begin work on v. 2 in late 2019.

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