Welcome to the Kink Education Code of Conduct (KECC).

We are the KECC Collective, a group of professional kink educators and producers. For the last year and a half, we have been working together to create a code of conduct that codifies our beliefs and values about kink education. Today we are publishing the first version of the code and committing ourselves to following it.

We consider ourselves professionals not because of how much money we make, but because we hold ourselves to professional standards. We deliver high quality education and we are rigorously ethical in our conduct.

As professionals, we are alarmed and distressed by the consent crisis in kink education. We believe educators should be a force for good, but we have seen too many of our peers take advantage of their positions to prey on others.

Misconduct by educators is especially harmful because educators by definition exist to set an example that others follow. Educators who model unethical behavior cause widespread harm by establishing that behavior as normal and appropriate. The kink world deserves better.

The KECC is our attempt to do better. We’ve put a tremendous amount of work into it and we hope that individuals and organizations outside the KECC Collective will find it useful. If you like it, we invite you to adopt it or to use it as a starting point for your own code of conduct.

With respect,

The v. 1 KECC Collective
Dr. Smartypants (Full Circle Kink)
Jim Duvall
Martin Dinn
Sar Surmick (Consent Academy)
Sophia Sky (Pan Eros Foundation)
Tornus (Full Circle Kink)

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